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ダニエル ガレゴス先生が来日されました



apple.gif 広報担当の藤巻です。


run.gif 栄養科学専攻の健康スポーツ栄養コース3年次に行われる海外スポーツ栄養体験実習は、そのクイーンズランド工科大学で行われており、その研修をお世話してくださっているのが、このガレゴス先生なのです。

%e6%b5%b7%e5%a4%96%e7%a0%94%e4%bf%ae%e5%ae%9f%e7%bf%92%e5%a0%b1%e5%91%8a%e4%bc%9a170302book.gif 今年2月に行われた実習(←ココをクリック)の報告会でも、とても充実した実習であることがよくわかりました(写真下)。




apple.gif 今年度の海外スポーツ栄養体験実習は、来年2月に行われる予定で、さらに充実した実習になりそうです。多くの学生が受講する予定のようで、とても嬉しいです。


On September 27, Prof. Danielle Gallegos of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia visited to Kagawa Nutrition University (KNU) (shown in the top photo).

The overseas sports nutrition training elective of the Department of Nutrition Sciences of KNU is carried out at the QUT under the auspices of Professor Gallegos.

We heard that the previous training (←click here)  was very comprehensive and efficient according to the students in the report conference (photo below). Thus, all faculty members were looking forward to Prof. Gallegos’ visiting, very much.

On her visit, exchange meeting was held with students and teachers, and Prof. Gallegos gave a lecture titled “The emergence of food insecurity as an issues in high-income countries”.

This school year’s overseas sports nutrition training elective will be held in February. I am glad to hear that many students have registered already. I am sure that this will be a great experience to the students.

Posted by Wakae Fujimaki.