Undergraduate School

Department of Applied Nutrition

Sakado Campus
Enrollment capacity: 200 students

We are educating highly skilled, registered dietitians with extensive expertise and who can also see the big picture, to work as health care staff to support the promotion of health through food in various areas of society. The foundation of a registered dietitian’s education is to imagine the registered dietitian you want to become, then decide for yourself the areas you want specialized knowledge in or the areas that you want to improve your technical skills, then  choose the appropriate classes from a selection of elective classes organized into six groups: Clinical Nutrition, Welfare Nutrition, Regional Nutrition Education, Sports Nutrition, School Lunch Management and Food Product Development. Nutrition Teacher Qualification can also be obtained.

The kind of students we are looking for

Department of Health and Nutrition

Division of Nutrition Science

Sakado Campus
Enrollment capacity: 100 students

By merging expertise of these four specialized courses (Medical Technology Course, Home Economics Teacher Course, Health Sports Nutrition Course, Food Product Safety Management Course) with the food and nutritional aspects of a conventional dietician, you can become a new type of dietitian.
Medical technicians who can work as the nutrition support team at medical sites, home economics teachers who can teach people self reliance through food, health sports counselors who support the development of health and physical strength, talented people who can be responsible for developing food products that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of people’s health while, at the same time, practicing food safety management. We are educating highly talented specialists who can meet the varied needs of modern society.

The kind of students we are looking for

Division of Health and School Nursing

Sakado Campus
Enrollment capacity: 50 students

Based on the expert knowledge of health science and nutritional science expertise, combined with practical and leadership skills, we are educating school nurse-teachers (Class One License:  kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school and special education schools) with a rich human spirit who have the expertise to realize the theme, “Children’s minds and bodies and healthy lives”. “Currently, schools require school nurse-teachers who can be at the core of the promotion of school health activities and also work as coordinators. “ (2008 Central Council for Education Report). We have prepared courses that seriously consider the needs of schools so that we can educate talented people who can live up to the expectations of the schools.

The kind of students we are looking for

Department of Food Culture and Nutrition

Sakado Campus
Enrollment capacity: 87 students

This course combines varied elective courses designed to raise your level of expertise with field study to develop your overall ability. Anticipating your activities after graduation, we have prepared the following courses: “Food Culture Research Course”, “Food Services Course”, “Food Expression Course”, “Food Planning Course” and the “Culinary and Confectionery Professionals Course”. In addition, specialized core subjects: Management and Food Coordination Basics, Specialized Cooking, Design and Food Culture Theory, have been prepared. In order to enable students to use multiple skills in various situations, we have developed a systematic curriculum that includes varied elective courses combined with practical experience.

Curriculum Policy
(Educational process configuration - implementation policy)

List of Faculty Members

Sakado Campus

1. Nutrition (Basic)

2. Health and Information Studies

3. Applied Nutrition

4. Food and Cookery Sciences

5. Hygiene and Clinical Sciences

6. Human and Ecological Sciences

7. Cultural Studies and Languages

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