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Akio Kagawa

Currently, Japan is the world's top country for longevity, but the abundant modern diet has given birth to a new problem: an increase in the number of elderly people requiring care for lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.

Since its founding, the Kagawa Education Institute of Nutrition has concentrated its efforts on nutritional science and health science education and research based on the theme of “Food and Health.” In order to contribute to maintaining and improving Japanese health, we have educated many registered dietitians, nutritionists, clinical laboratory technologists, school nurses, home economics teachers and nutrition teachers. The food and health issue will be paid more attention to and the social role our institute fulfills will also be paid more attention to accordingly in light of the increase in the aging population and decreasing birthrate in Japan. We educate nutrition and health specialists needed in society, while continuing to improve our quality of education and research based on our history and traditions that we have cultivated.